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What it does:
The Invitations Module gives your site the capability to offer email and print invitations for your facility. Customers will go to your Invitations page, select print or email invitations, fill out the form with their information, and the invitations will automatically be generated. If there are multiple invitation templates they will be able to choose which design they would like to use. The print invitations will generate a PDF, so they can save it or print it at home. The email invitations will be sent to all the email addresses entered into the form.

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What it Looks Like:
The Front End will be designed to your brand and company, but in general, the public will see images and go through a process similar to the following.

  1. Users will navigate to your invitations page, and then select Email or Print Invitations:

  2. Users will then Fill out the form depending on which Type of invitation they chose: 

    For Emailed Invitations:

    Put each address on a separate line.
    They will also have to enter the CAPTCHA information to proceed.

    For Print Invitations:

    If there are multiple types,
    the user will be able to select which invitation they would like to use. This is where the thumbnail and preview images are used, clicking on the Thumbnail will open a new window with the larger image file. Here is an example of what the email form will look like with 3 different email invitations available:

  3. Once they fill out the information,
    For Emailed Invitations: 
    Users can Preview Invitations before sending them out. Once it's ready Clicking on "Generate Invitations" will send out an Email Invitation to the email addresses in "Recipient(s) Email" 
    For Print Invitations:
    Users can click on "Generate Invitations" to generate the PDF invite filled in with their information, they can then save or print this PDF and send it out. 

  4. You will be able to see who downloaded and emailed your invitations in [Data Download] in C4. 

C4 Environment:
The following information is for your reference on how to navigate through your Invitations module in your Creative Content Control Center. Click here for information on C4 and how to access it. 

In C4, click on [Invitations] on the left-hand side menu to see your Invitations Module. 

Listed at the top are the following Tabs:
[ Invitations ]  [ Data Download]  [ Settings ]  [ Purge Data ]

[ Invitations ] 
View a list of all of your invitations available. Add/Edit/Delete print and email invitations
[ Data Download] 
Download all of the invitations that have been generated, email or print, or filter your results.
Then download them to an excel spreadsheet.
[ Settings ]  Settings for your invitations: Park Name, Park Address, Success Message Settings. 
[ Purge Data ] 
Delete all records of downloads or emailed invitations, or filter your result and delete only certain records. 

The default view is the same view as [ Invitations ].

[ Invitations ]
View a list of all of your invitations. They are sorted Alphabetically and by type (Email or Print).
Thumbnail Name Enabled Type Document
To Add a New Invitation, Click on  or "Add New Invitation" at the bottom of the list. 
Fill out the form to create a New invitation, Required Fields are in BLUE.

 Name: Enter the Name of the invitation you would like displayed if more than one exsists
 Enabled: Yes to display it, No to disable it. 
 Type: Choose what type of invitation it is: Email or Print
 Subject: Required for Email invitations. This is the subject line for the emails. Mail merge Tokens are allowed
 Content: This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is used to hold your email template. This is what will be emailed. Mail merge Tokens are allowed 
This image will display along with the name for the invitation if you have more than one type of invitation. 
 Preview: This larger image will display as an example when users click on a thumbnail. 
 Document: This is used to upload your PDF form for your print invitations

To Copy an Invitation, click on the  icon. This will create a copy of the template. 

To Edit an Invitation, click on the  icon or on the invitation name under "Name".

To Delete an Invitation, click on the  icon. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. 

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[ Data Download]

See a list of entries and filter the results by entering information in the form provided: Blank Entries will display ALL. 

Start Date: Select a Date from the Calendar to Begin from
 End Date: Select a Date from the Calendar to End with
 Type: Choose the type of invitation to view data: Email or Print
 Invitation: Specify Data results by individual invitation

The table will list all of the information in the database, listed by descending Date Generated: 
ID Party For Party Date Party Time RSVP To RSVP By

Email From Email To Custom Message Invitation Type Date Generated

To download this list to an excel spreadsheet, click the  icon or "Download Data".  

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[ Settings ]

These Settings will be set up for you, but if you need to change the information here, just click, type, and save. Click the  icon for "help".

Required Fields are in Orange.
Park Name: Park/Facility name as it should appear on the invitations
 Park Address: Park/Facility address as it should appear on the invitations
 Show Success Message on Top: Choose where the Success Message will be displayed, above or below the generated email invitation.
 Success Message Content: Message to display after successful Email Invitations sent. HTML tags can be placed in here. 

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[ Purge Data]

Select this tab if you wish to delete your records of invitations downloaded or emailed. Leaving fields blank will default to ALL.

Start Date: Select a date from a calendar to begin Purging data
 End Date: Select a date from a calendar to end Purging data
 Type: Choose which type: Email or Print, or leave blank for both.
Invitation: Choose data from which invitation template, or leave blank for ALL.

Then click Submit to purge data, and you will be prompted with the Number of Records in your criteria:

A total of X records match the purge criteria and will be permanently deleted.
Are you sure you want to purge these records?

Select yes to delete those records, or no to cancel. 

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