About C4

Creative Content Control Center

About C4

The Creative Content Control Center, or C4, is the home base for your website, mobile site, or mobile app. C4 is the back end, or the engine, to your site. It houses the information, the functionality, and the settings to the different modules. For more information about your modules and how to use them, click here.

C4 Environment

Your C4 may look different than the following but the general aspects will be similar. The default view will be your Browse Site Module:

For Websites, this default view will be your Sitemap. You will be able to access the pages of your website, and edit the content for your content pages. You can even Add Pages whenever you need to, without having to contact us! Click here for more information on Content Management.

On the left hand side, will be all of your C4 Modules. These are the smaller programs that give your site diverse functionality. Depending on what your site has, will depend on what modules are located there. Click here for a list of our modules.

The Yellow tab, indicates the module you are currently viewing. Each module has it's own view and C4 Environment.

Modules in Blue, indicate modules that aren't available for all users. You can have different C4 logins with limited access for different users.


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