What are C4 Modules?

C4 Modules
What are C4 Modules:
Modules are self contained individual portions of your website that have unique functionalities. They can be used and installed on a stand alone basis, or can be used together located in your Content Management System - C4: Creative Content Control Center.

Here is a full list of the C4 modules currently available. They are updated frequently and new C4 modules are being offered all the time. Please contact us with any questions or inquires about how C4 can work with your website and enhance your online presence. Click on the module for more information. 

C4 Module


C4 Birthday Club Module

Collect information and send automated mailings of customized certificates, generate reports 

C4 Blog Module

Professional blog presentation along with RSS feeds

C4 Charitable Ticket Request Management Module

Manage all requests for free or discounted tickets

C4 Contest Module

Create multiple unlimited contests each with their own rules and configuration

C4 Counter Module

Display a count for any special item

C4 Employee Schedule Module

Post employee schedules, documents and forms in a password protected area

C4 FAQ Module

Easily organize Frequently Asked Questions

C4 First Rider Auction Module

Earn money for your favorite charity via an auction for ride seats

C4 Form Management Module

Create and control any form on your site

C4 Fundraiser Scheduling Module

Online registration and complete management for volunteer fundraisers

C4 Google Maps Module

Complete map control and location placement

C4 Image Rotation Module

Control images that rotate through a series 

C4 Invitations Module

Have the capability to offer email and print invitations personalized with guest information

C4 Media Galleries Module

Photos and videos organized into albums

C4 News Module

Great for any application that works with a headline, a paragraph of teaser text, and a full "story" page, such as press releases

C4 News Scroller Module

Control moving scrolling messages on your site.

C4 Operating Calendar Module

Keep your hours up to date and display attractively in color coded calendar with popups for special events

C4 Party Reservations Module

Book and manage parties online

C4 Portfolio Module

Display your work with multiple category listings

C4 Press Kit Module

Create password protected Media Kits with high resolution imagery and downloadable documents

C4 Resource Library

Holder of all files used in your C4 website, mobile site, and mobile app. 

C4 Redirects Module

Create easy to remember web addresses on the fly

C4 RSVP Response Center Module

Create events, collect RSVP's and generate entry certificates

C4 Site Search Module

Complete spider search of your site with shortcuts that you configure for special terms

C4 Social Media Feed Management Module

You decide which social media messages display on your site

C4 Units Module

Manages Attractions, Shows and Foods in one easy module for multiple output formats including mobile

C4 VIP Tour Reservations Module

Take reservations for VIP visitor tours

C4 Webcam Management Module

Turn Webcam images on and off easily and replace with default image

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