Step 1 - Creating the Page.

Content Management > Adding A New Content Page
Required: Creative Content Control Center v2.0
If you are a v1 client and would like to know more about adding a page or upgrading to v2.0 please contact us, 330.334.3132. 

Adding a New Page:
This tutorial will go over the steps to add a new page to your website or mobile site. After creating the page you will need to add the page to your navigation for your guests to be able to access it. To link a new page, you will need to do this in your Navigation Manager. If you do not have access to your Navigation Manager or to  New Page, please contact us to see why and how you can get access to these. 

To view how to edit your content and add images, hyperlinks, and other things, click HERE. 

To Start, access your C4 and on the default view, you should see your sitemap and New Page towards the bottom.
  1. Click  New Page.
  2. Fill out the form for your new page, click on  icon for help.
      Section and Section label are preset. Please contact us for your specific setup, 330-334-3132.

    Enter your Page Content, you may have a different WYSIWYG editor. For more information about Content Management click here.

    Leaving your Meta Data blank will use the same Meta Data from your parent page. 
  3. Click update to save and create your new page.
  4. You will now see your new page in your Browse Site, where you can update/edit it whenever you need. Next you will have to add it to your Main Navigation. 

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