Step 2 - Add to your Main Navigation

Content Management > Adding A New Content Page
Your Navigation:
Once you have created a new page, if you want your guests to be able to access it, you'll want to add it to your Navigation. Your Website Navigation is the sections your site is categorized by and helps your guests get to all the information from your company. Typically, the navigation is in the header of your website or a side navigation, or even something completely custom!


Steps to Adding Your New Page:
  1. Go into your Navigation Module on the left hand side:

  2. Then Click on "Main Site Navigation or the  icon to edit:

  3.  The Main Site Navigation relates to the Navigation Bar on your Website:

  4. Navigate to where you want to add your new page, and click  icon to add a new link.

  5. Then fill in the following form fields:

    Link Label:  Fill in what you would like the Link to say in your Navigation, this is what your guests will see 
    Title:  To make things simple, just have the title be the same as Link Label; this is used internally 
    Link Target:  If you're link will target a different window, you can specify it here, otherwise just leave this blank
    Sort Order:  To change the order of your items, specify the Sort Order #, otherwise leave blank and it will be in alpha-numeric order
    Description:  Used internally to describe what the Link is for 
    Menu Item is Enabled:  Check to Enable, uncheck to Disable link 
    Menu Item is a submenu Item:  Check if link is a submenu item 
    Show Menu Item on Sitemapt:  Check to display, uncheck to hide from site map 
    Show Menu Item on Main Navigation:  Check to display in Main Navigation, or Uncheck to Hide 
    Link to Existing C4 Page:  
    Existing C4 Page: Select the New Page that you had Created in Step 1

  1. Click Save to Save your new link. You can see, you can also create a new page here.

If you have a mobile site, you'll have to add the navigation link to your Mobile Navigation

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