Step 3 - Add to Your Mobile Navigation

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Your Mobile Navigation:
These days Mobile Sites are being accessed more and more. So you'll want to make sure your new pages are able to be viewed on a mobile device. Especially if you're sending links to your new pages via email. 

Your mobile site has set icons to display portions of your site, if you'd like to change these icons, please contact us and we can work to rearrange your mobile site, service fees may incur. While you can add pages to your mobile site, you won't be able to add new icons to your Mobile Home Page, and you can only add pages to the Navigation if that area is configured to have subpages. The At The Park section is configured to display a sub navigation, whereas the Specials Page is a Content page, and adding pages to its Navigation won't display anywhere. Which may look similar to something like this:


After Adding the page to your Mobile Navigation, you can then add hyperlinks to the content, so your users can access the new page:


Steps to Adding Your New Page: 
  1. Go into your Navigation Module on the left hand side:

  2. Then Click on "Mobile Site Navigation or the  icon to edit:

  3. Navigate to where you want to add your new page, and click  icon to add a new link.

  4. Then fill in the following form fields:

    Link Label:  Fill in what you would like the Link to say in your Navigation, this is what your guests will see 
    Title:  To make things simple, just have the title be the same as Link Label; this is used internally 
    Link Target:  If you're link will target a different window, you can specify it here, otherwise just leave this blank
    Sort Order:  To change the order of your items, specify the Sort Order #, otherwise leave blank and it will be in alpha-numeric order
    Description:  Used internally to describe what the Link is for 
    Menu Item is Enabled:  Check to Enable, uncheck to Disable link 
    Menu Item is a submenu Item:  Check if link is a submenu item 
    Show Menu Item on Sitemapt:  Check to display, uncheck to hide from site map 
    Show Menu Item on Main Navigation:  Check to display in Main Navigation, or Uncheck to Hide 
    Link to Existing C4 Page:  
    Existing C4 Page: Select the New Page that you had Created in Step 1

  6. Click Save to Save your new link. You can see, you can also create a new page here.

The Best Part:Once you've added the new page to your Website and Mobile Site Navigations, one update to the content in C4 will update them in both places!

If you are going to use images on your content pages,
 you'll want to follow these steps.

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