Inserting a Hyperlink/Anchor

Content Management
Insert a Hyperlink
Start by either clicking the  Icon, or by highlighting text that you would like to be your hyperlink.

Select the Link Type your would like to use:
  • URL : Web Address 
  • Link to anchor in the text : creates a link to "jump" to a certain section on the SAME page. Click here to set up an anchor, or scroll to the end. 
  • Page within C4 : link to an existing C4 page. 
  • E-mail : create a link to an email address, when clicked on will create a blank email to that address. 

For a URL: enter the web address for your link. Something like "". You may want to change the target to a new window, so when your guests click the link, a new window will open up with the URL. This way your guests will stay on your site while being able to view the link you've provided. 

CLICK here to Create a Graphic Link using an Image.(Great for buttons!)


Use "Upload" to create a link to a file, such as a PDF flyer, rules page, menus, brochures, etc. 

For an anchor: you must create an anchor first and then the pop up will display the anchors available. Click here to set up an anchor

For a page within C4: select the page within your sitemap. 

For an Email Link: specify the email address, subject and body for the email message. When you guests click this link, the email will be generated and opened with their default email program, to be sent to the email address here.

Click "OK" to insert and save the hyperlink. You can always go back and edit your link by highlighting the text and clicking the  Icon again. 

Using Anchors in your Site
Anchors are used to link to different content on the SAME page without having to create a separate page. If you don't have a lot of content, it's probably not necessary to create an anchor, and can actually be worse for your site. 

Highlight the Area you would like to set the anchor at. This will display at the top when the link to the anchor is clicked. If the anchor is near the bottom of the page and the content following doesn't fill the entire height of the screen, then the link will display the anchor and the content above that is needed to fill the screen.
Click on the  icon to create a link and enter the name you would like to use.  

Then create the hyperlink to the anchor, Click here to link to an anchor!

To create anchors without text, you will have to go into the SOURCE code by clicking the  button. Then use the html tags:
  • <a href="#nameOfAnchor"></a> 
  • <a id="nameOfAnchor">Click Here to go to Name of Anchor!<a/>. 
where nameOfAnchor is case sensitive, and need to be spelled correctly with the same upper and lower case. "Click Here to go to Name of Anchor!" can be any text to create the link to the anchor. 

[Back to Top] - this is also an anchor with the Link "Back to Top" and the Anchor being at the top of this page. 

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