Finding an Image's Size

Content Management
Image Size
Some of your images may be required to be a certain size or have a certain ratio. We will probably tell you what those dimensions are, but if you forget, here are several ways to find your image's dimensions. 

From your website, if you right-click on the image, you can either save it or open it in a new browser (in Google Chrome, when you "open image in a new tab" the tab name will have the size after the image name, if the name is too long and it gets cut off, just hover the mouse over the tab to see the full name, see image below).

Once you save it, you can then open it and view its Properties and in the Details tab, see its dimensions.

From C4, in your Resource Library, click on attribute and you can see the Dimensions there.
They are listed as height/width. 

To resize an image, you should be able to use a program like Photoshop or Paint to resize your image, or something off the web. 

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