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About Redirects
Redirects are shortened URLs that are easy for your guests to remember, but directs them to the more complex URLs, both within your site and other sites.. The Redirects Module generates and manages these shortcuts. The redirects module is an internal module, and does not have a Front End. 

It is best practice to keep your shortcuts short, 1-2 words, and all lowercase, but you can specify the redirect to be anything you want.

  • Add/Edit a Redirect

C4 Environment
The following information is for your reference on how to navigate through your Redirects module in your Creative Content Control Center. Click here for information on C4 and how to access it. 

The default view is a list of all redirects on your site. 

Each row has the following:

Shortcut - this text will be at the end of your URL to create a shortcut for a longer, complex URL. 

Target - this is where the shortcut will go to. If it is a page on your website you can put in the relative URL (don't have to put in "www.websiteName.com/...") otherwise put in the whole URL (http://www.outsideWebsite.com/somethingMore/...) 

Type - types are Go-To or Dynamic. 

Enabled - Yes or No, to Enable the redirect. If "No" the redirect will just go to the homepage of your site.

To Edit - Click on the shortcut name or the  icon.

To Delete - Click on the  icon.

Add a Redirect 
To add a new redirect click  "Add New Redirect".

Fill in the following with your redirects information:
 Short URL:
 Target URL:  
 Redirect Type:  
 Redirect Enabled:  

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