Resizing and Cropping an Image

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Re-sizing and Cropping Images:
Do you have an image rotator or header images that are required to be a certain size? Do you have photo editing software? or are you looking for a web based tool? Here are some useful tips to help you resize and crop your images. Or send them to us and we can manage your content at our current hourly rate, click here to submit a ticket for a request! 

How to Find your Image Size:
Depending on your computer, the process to find your image size may be different. Here are a couple ways that may help you find your image's size. 

1. Using C4:
Go into your Resource Library, find the image used in your site. Click on "attribute" that corresponds with your image (Fig 1):

Fig 1: Attributes in Resource Library

 There you will find a table with the Dimensions as HEIGHT/WIDTH (Fig 2)
Fig 2: Attributes Table.

2. Using any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) If the dimensions are not there,
  1. Right click and select "Save image as..."
  2. Save it to your local computer drive. When it is finished, open the image in your photo viewer, like Windows Photo Viewer or Preview on Mac. Then right click and click "Properties". There you will see the image's dimensions. (Fig 3) 
Fig 3: Properties on Computer

3. Using Google Chome
  1. Visit your website and find your image. Right click the image, and select "Open Image in a New Tab" (Fig 4)
    Fig 4: Right clicking image

  2.  Then a window will pop up displaying the image. The image size will be in the tab, hover over with your mouse if you cannot see it and a tool tip will appear (Fig 5). 
Fig 5: Tool Tip with Image Size

Editing Software/FREE Online Tools:
After you have your image size, you will need a photo editing tool. Either a software like Photoshop or an online tool will do. There are many free online tools out there. In order to resize and crop your images to the exact pixels, here are some helpful online tools I suggest using. wddonline is not affiliated nor owns any of these products, these are merely to be used as a reference for cropping and editing an image. 

Want to do it all but don't have Photoshop, that's fine, here is a free online tool that has an Advanced Editor similar to Photoshop.



  • Crop image to specific size and scale image to size
  • Add Effects, Text, and Graphics to image
  • Advanced Editor, like Photoshop, has tools that allows high end image editing/creating
  • Ability to create Grid Collages
  • Undo, Redo, Zoom, Size. 
  • Photo Basket with ability to layer photos.
  • Advertisements (ability to hide)
  • Minor glitches
  • Premium Options require you to register (at the moment it's FREE, but probably not for long)
How To Use: 
This site has a LOT of functionality and abilities. Here are just some basics to get you started:
  1. Go To URL, Click "Upload a Photo" and choose your image. 
  2. Once loaded you will see the Tool bar at the top, with tons of features available. 
  3. To Crop an image, click on "Crop" on the left side (of Basic Edits), and type in your size. 
  4. Click on "Scale Photo" to be able to resize the box to your image. Then Resize the box to fit the part of your image you'd like to use. And Click "Apply".
  5. You can see the size of your image in the lower right hand corner, with the Zoom Feature. 
  6. Click on "Effects" to add an effect to your image, some of the effects even have options to erase the effect on parts of your image. 
  7. The is also an eraser and brush tool called "Doodle" for you to edit the image. 
  8. Click on Text to add a text field. You can edit the font, size, color, and rotate the text. 
  9. Click on "Advanced", then "Pro Editor" and select Pixlr Editor, to launch the full editor (like Photoshop). Save the image or File -> Exit to return.
  10. Upload multiple Photos at the bottom in your Photo Basket, and you can drag to include multiple images. Great for creating advertisements! 
Play around with to utilize this FREE Online tool. 

Just Crop and Resize:
Here's a simple tool that will help you do so:
  • Custom crop sizes
  • Move image within the cropped size
  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Has auto content detection
  • Can create up to 10 different cropped images at once.
  • Only upload up to 5 at a time
  • All images will be cropped at the same size (unless uploaded individually). 
  • Can only download as .jpg
  • Long load times 
  • Cannot edit or add anything to image.
How To Use: 
It's pretty straight forward, but here are some tips that can help you out: 
  1. Start by clicking "Upload Your Images", on the home page 
  2. Select up to 5 images you'd like to crop in the window that pops up.
  3. Once loaded, type in your custom width and height where indicated, deselect 800x600 by clicking on it (800x600 is defaulted, it won't make a difference if it is selected). 
  4. Click on "Cropp Your Images" 
  5. Once loaded, your cropped image will appear on the Right Hand side. 
  6. To Edit the image, move your mouse over the thumbnail and click the 3rd button to Edit (indicated in green). You can Move and re-size the cropped area with your mouse.
  7. You can see the other cropped images by clicking on the arrows under your original images. (circled in orange)
  8. When they're all set, click on "Download All Cropps" and a ZIP file with the .jpeg files will download to your computer.

Just Image Enhancements

Photoshop Express:
  • Add artistic photo effects, Text, adjust Brightness, contrast, 
  • Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons
  • Create a Free Username for added benefits.
    • 2 GB free space to upload your images and save for later
  • Has mobile apps that can also be used to edit your images.
  • Only one image at a time 
  • Cropping and Re-sizing image does not function well together.
  • Can only be saved as .jpg
  • Can only decorate with Adobe preset graphics. 
  • Cannot combine images.
How To Use: 
  1. Go to URL, and click on "Get Started" Button to launch.
  2. Select Upload Photo or Select Photo from your online library, if you have one. 
  3. After uploading your image you can adjust the brightness, add effects, or Decorate your image with text or their graphics. 

With these tools, you can crop, resize, and edit your images to appeal to look fabulous on your site, and its all FREE. 

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