Create a New Email Account in SmarterMail 10

  1. Open a browser window and go to one of the following URLs:
  2. Login as the administrator.
  3. From the side menu bar, click Settings.
  4. From the left side bar, expand Domain Settings.
  5. Click Users.  Next, click New to add the new user.
  6. Enter the requested information:
    1. Username: enter the name of the user, not the full email address. For example, "user" would be the username for
    2. Password: enter a secure password for this user.
    3. Confirm Password: re-enter the secure password for this user for verification.
    4. Display Name: name as displayed in outgoing email
    5. Reply-To Email Address: replies would go to this address
    6. Time Zone
    7. Backup Email Address: use a remote email address for password changes for this user if enabled.
    8. Disable User: Leave as Enabled
    9. Mailbox Size Limit and other options
  7. Click Save.

The remaining information on the Users screen (the tabs at the top of the screen) is not required and can be entered at a later time. This is further configuration of the specific user. For detailed information about each feature, you can view the SmarterMail support documentation by clicking on the Help menu in the upper right corner of the SmarterMail Interface.

You can access the new email account by logging in the same way you did as root except you will use the new email address,

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