FCKeditor Icons

Content Management

Icon Table For FCKeditor:

Icon Description
  Click the Source button to see the HTML code behind your WYSIWYG editor. If you know how to use HTML coding, you can easily update and manage your content pages with this button.  
  View the document properties.
   Clear all content and have a blank document.
   Preview your content. This will only preview the content and not what your page will actually look like. To do this, click Save As Draft.
   Use templates to create a page with an Image and Title, Two columns, or Title and a Table. 
   Cut out some text, and save to your clipboard, to be pasted later.
   Copy text to your clipboard to be pasted later
   Add whatever is on your clipboard
   Add text only from your clipboard
   Add text and its formatting from your clipboard
   Print your content
   Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
   Undo your last action
   Redo your Undo
   Find words in your content, Match by case or whole word
   Find and Replace or Replace all instances, Match by case or by whole word
   Select all in your content
   Remove formatting, like fonts and colors
   Create BOLD font
   Create Italicized font
   Strike through font
   Createsubscripts in your content
   Createsuperscripts in your content
  1. Create
  2. A
  3. Numbered
  4. List
  • Create
  • A
  • Bulleted
  • list
   Decrease Indent, must have an indent to be able to decrease
 Increase Indent
   Left Align your content
   Center your content
   Right Align content
   Justify your content, so that the edges are square when a new line is made. Kind of looks like a newspaper. 
   Add Hyperlinks to link to URLs 
   Remove Hyperlinks
   Anchors are used to link within a page
   Insert images
   Insert and edit Flash
   Embed YouTube Videos with URLs
   Insert Table and Add/Remove Columns and Rows
   Insert a Horizontal Line to break up your content
   Insert Smileys
   Insert Special Characters
   Insert Page Break for Printing 
   Change the style, that is already determined throughout your sites
   Change the format, that is already determined throughout your sites
   Change the color of your font
   Change the color of your Background
   Expand the view of your editor for a larger space
   Learn about the FCK editor. (WYSIWYG)


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