CK Editor Icons

Content Management

 Icon List for CKeditor: 

Icon Description
  Source - see the HTML code behind your WYSIWYG editor. If you know how to use HTML coding, you can easily update and manage your content pages with this button.  
  Preview - opens a new window to preview your content. This will only preview the content and not what your page will actually look like. To do this, click Save As Draft, then [Preview].
  Maximize - maximizes the CKeditor for easier editing, toggle to go back. 
  Show Blocks - shows the HTML blocks to see paragraph format changes.
  Find - find a word in your content, select options: Match Case, Match Whole Word, or Match Cyclic. 
  Replace - find a word in your content and replace it with new content. Replace one or all, with select options: Match Case, Match Whole Word, or Match Cyclic.
  Hyperlink - create links to a URL in your content. You can link to a URL, PDF, Email address, or an anchor in your content.
  Remove Link - quickly remove a hyperlink
  Anchor - add an anchor to your content
  Insert an Image
  Insert a Table
  Insert a Horizontal line
  Insert a Symbol
  Insert an iFrame
  Insert a YouTube Video 
  Create BOLD font
  Create Italicized font
  Createsubscripts in your content
  Createsuperscripts in your content
  Remove formatting 
  1. Create
  2. A
  3. Numbered
  4. List
  • Create
  • A
  • Bulleted
  • list
  Decrease Indent, must have an indent to be able to decrease
Increase Indent
   Blockquote -
  Center your content
  Center your content
  Left Align your content
   Center your content
  Right Align content
  Justify your content, so that the edges are square when a new line is made. Kind of looks like a newspaper. 

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