Deleting a Content Page

Content Management

Required: Creative Content Control Center Web Framework v2.0
If you are a Web Framework v1 client and would like to know more about how to delete a page or upgrading to v2.0 please contact us, 330.334.3132. 

Deleting a Page

In order to delete a page, you must have master access to Site Section in C4. If you do not, please have someone with the right authority contact us for this access.

  1. To Start, find your parent page in Browse Site. The parent page is the page above the one you want to delete in the hierarchy. For Example:
      • Home
        • Page 1
          • Page 1-1
          • Page 1-2
        • Page 2
          • Page 2-1
          • Page 2-2
          • Page 2-3
        • Page 3

    Home is the parent page for Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3.
    Page 1 is the parent page of Page 1-1 and Page 1-2.
    Page 2 is the parent page of Page 2-1, Page 2-2, and Page 2-3.
    Page 3 is not a parent page.

  2. Find your parent page, and click on it. (if you wish to delete Page 2-3, click on Page 2)

  3. Scroll down, and in the bottom left corner select your page from the drop down in "Go to another Main Section" 

  4. With the page selected click, "Delete Section

  5. Confirm the delete. 

And there you go! The page is deleted. 

Note: If you try to delete a parent page you will get the Error: "page_name" is not empty. You must delete all of the children pages first. 

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