WYSIWYG editors

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WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get editor. It is very similar to MS Word formatting, but you can use the Source button to edit the HTML code. 

The WYSIWYG editor (FCKeditor):

**UPDATE 05/30/2013** Currently, the FCKeditor is experiencing technical difficulties when used with Internet Explorer 10. For now we ask our clients to use Google Chrome or Firefox as we try to find a solution. Thank you! 

To enlarge the WYSIWYG editor click on the  icon to maximize/minimize the window. 

For Icon list and description, CLICK HERE.
For more information and details about the icons and the FCKeditor (the tools used in the WYZIWYG editor),Click here to visit their guide. Or click the  icon to see about the FCKeditor, License information, and Browser information.  

The WYSIWYG editor (CKeditor):

Many of the icons are very similar to the FCKeditor. For the icon list and descriptions CLICK HERE.

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