Microsoft Outlook Setup


Microsoft Outlook 2007 Setup (Outlook Express setup below and optional settings for both below that):

From the top menu items click: Tools/Account Settings

Click “New”

Check “Manually configure server settings or additional server types.”

Click “Next”

Click “Next” again

Enter information:

Click “More Settings” button

Click “Outgoing Server” tab

Check the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires Authentication” box

Click “OK”

Click “Next”

Click “Finish”

Click “Close”

Microsoft Outlook Express Setup:

From the top menu items click: Tools/Accounts

Click “Mail” tab

Click the “Add” button and click on “Mail”

Enter user Name

Click “Next”

Enter E-mail Address

Click “Next”

Enter Server information

Click “Next”

Enter Account information

Click “Next”

Click “Finish”

In the Internet Accounts window (should still be open)

Select the Mail account you just created and click the “Properties” button

Click on the “Servers” tab

Check the “My server requirees authentication” box

Click “OK”

Click “Close”

Optional (Outlook or Outlook express):

When setting up Outlook you can leave a copy of mail on the server each time you check mail but if you don’t limit the number of days you leave it on the server you may exceed your server space so do so with caution.

From this screen click “more settings”

Click the “Advanced” tab

Select “Leave a copy of messages on the server” checkbox

Select “Remove form server after X days





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