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How to Embed a YouTube video on your site

1. Go to www.youtube.com and locate your video by watching it. 
2. Under the video find "Share", Click Share. 
3. Click "Embed" and COPY (Right-click, Copy) the Highlighted Text
4. Go To C4, and into your page, Find the SOURCE button, and click it.
5. Then Paste (Right-Click and Paste) into the SOURCE code in a new line
6. Toggle, back by clicking SOURCE again, and you should see a white box with the words "iFrame". 
7. Save as Draft or Publish, and your YouTube video will display on the Page! 

To change the size of the video: 

1. Go to the iFrame in the WYSIWYG editor
2. Double click on the iFrame and a menu will pop up
Here you can update the Height and Width of the video 
If your site is responsive, you'll want to create a div for it or you may have a class for the responsive nature. Contact WDD to inquire today!

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