Task - Initiate Merge Request on Production (WordPress)

C4 Accounts and Admin
After a site has migrated to Stage via Capistrano, migrating it to Production requires initiating a "New Merge Request" that will notify IT of the desired merge.

Initiate Merge Request on Production

  1. In a browser, open git.wddonline.net
  2. Click on the project for which you wish to submit a Merge Request
  3. On the ensuing page, click the "+" sign and select New merge request from the list of drop down items
  4. On the next page, under the Source branch section, ensure that the project listed is the correct project - and from the Select source branch drop down, select develop
  5. On the same page, under the Target branch section, verify that the same project name is listed as in the Source branch section. The Target branch should default to master
  6. Click Compare branches and continue 
  7. Roughly half-way down the ensuing page, locate the Assignee input, and select Aaron Frase from the drop down
  8. Click Submit merge request

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